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Love Flowers
Part 2


Photoshoot & Networking 


Majka Earth,

DTLA, Los Angeles, CA



April 23, 2023


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"LOVE FLOWERS" PART 2 is a floral-themed editorial photography shoot, a follow-up to our March studio experience that celebrated the power of self-love and spring renewal. LA-based photographer, Lichiban, will host a photoshoot exploring further the synergy of flowers, light, and the diverse manifestations of the divine feminine.  

You are invited!

Imagine being surrounded by flowers, basking in the glow, feeling present and beautiful, as I use light to reveal something about your essence. For me, practicing photography is as much as an act of love, as a way to empower and help people fall in love with themselves

I invite you to my second photography studio session of 2023 celebrating blossom & spring renewal. For some of the women I photographed during the first LOVE FLOWERS, it was their first photoshoot...not that anyone could tell! This open studio shoot is open to anyone who wants to remember themselves of today, feeling loved and celebrated with flowers. 


Please join me and a group of amazing women for PART 2 of the LOVE FLOWERS photoshoot, which intended to be a therapeutic (colors + flowers) and fun experience creating 'forever moments' together.

Hair & makeup are included. Hair by Master Hairstylist Ilda Flores.  


Limited to 5 persons.