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Love Flowers


Photoshoot & Networking 


Saturday & Sunday

March 18-19, 2023


DTLA, Los Angeles, CA


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"LOVE FLOWERS" is a floral-themed editorial photography event, a unique experience that celebrates the power of self-love and renewal. LA-based photographer, Lichiban, will host a 2-day photoshoot exploring the synergy of flowers, light, and the diverse manifestations of the divine feminine.  

You are invited!

Imagine being surrounded by flowers, basking in the glow, feeling present and beautiful, as I use light to reveal something about your essence. For me, practicing photography is as much as an act of love, as a way to empower and help people fall in love with themselves

I invite you to my first photography studio session of 2023 celebrating spring renewal! Please join me and a group of amazing women for the LOVE FLOWERS photoshoot and shared community-building event. 

Limited to 7 persons / day. 


15% Off All Items

March 18th - Akashic + Tarot Consultation with Yvonne Szefer  BOOK 15 mins | BOOK 30 mins


  1. Where exactly is the shoot? It is in a sunny loft studio in Rampart Village, DTLA Los Angeles. Exact address will be provided after Reserving .

  2. What is included in the Photo Package? A session includes a 30-40 mins shoot. You'll receive 4 Retouched Pro DSLR Photos + 4 iPhone images (within 10days). Extra images are available upon request for $50/image. Please note that no other photography will be allowed during the shoot.

  3. How many looks included? One look is included with a few different floral setting option. If you'd prefer to have 2 dress looks for your final 4 photos (2 photos each x 2 looks), that's cool as long as it fits in your 30-40mins slot!

  4. How long will my shoot take? Due to the communal nature of the event, we will be in flow and we'll not have a strict schedule for each shoot (first come, first serve) The actual shoot will be about 30-40mins. If you'd like to request specific time slot, please let us know, and I'll make sure to accommodate you. You are welcome to stay and connect with other women after your shoot.

  5. Do I need to bring flowers?  We'll have a floral set prepared, but if you have a flower that's special to you, most definitely feel free to bring it!

  6. Are makeup & hair styling available? Hair styling is available on Sunday, 3/19. Makeup is not included. If there is enough demand, we will have a makeup artist on site, so please let us know after you booked with us.)

  7. If I miss it this weekend, will there be more opportunity like this? Yes! We'll plan to do this regularly. Please note, that the price is an introductory price and is not guaranteed to stay the same. Sign up for my email list below to stay in the loop. If for any reasons, you'd like to pay on the date of the shoot, please email me here

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