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Vision Board


This project takes on the concept of the 'vision board' as a tool to clarify and focus one's vision & manifest life goals. Design as spiritual exploration. Beyond being an exercise in creative imagination / manifestation, it's a virtual altar / homage to the immortal Muse(s).

higher power

gratefulness keeps the door open to blessings. surrendering your fears to grace is ultimate freedom.   

Memory portals.

Can you remember the future? 

We are like ripples in the Sea of Bliss. MJ


Crystal Dagger -  

Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts (LACDA) 2016 Annual Juried Competition.


One of the Ten Artists to Watch.


There never was a time
When I was not
you were not
There never will be a time
When we will cease to be 

Infinite — Unbounded
In the Ocean of Consciousness
We are like ripples
In the Sea of Bliss 

You and I were never separate
It’s just an illusion
Wrought by the magical lens of

Heaven is Here
Right now is the moment
of Eternity
Don’t fool yourself
Reclaim your Bliss [...]

Heaven Is Here Michael Jackson


crown your heart

stay up.

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