Visual Storytelling

Creative Direction

Director of Photography


Mini video series and photography for  LA-based CBD body butter brand, Cococanna. 


My concept was to create a dreamy, cinematic mini story series that felt more like a music video than a conventional product commercial.   


Plant love is self love

Dream One

The spirit goddess reveals herself to K, a dancer, the first time he opens up the jar. He can't wait to share Cococanna with his boo in real life. 



The dancers are the spirit goddesses of the CBD plant, embodying Healing, Self-love, and Playfulness. They reveal themselves to the person who is seeking to feel the power of the plant. They bring a new meaning to TLC. 


Dream Two

B, an artist and musician, uses coconut oil for his skin and hair regularly. The first time he opens up the jar, the CBD spirit goddess helps him discover the healing power of the plant. 

Brand: Cococanna  
Creative Director, DP & Photography: Lichiban Aniko Szatmari (Katapulko)
Video: David Broder (Red Orb Production) 
Executive Producer: Anna Haar

Producer: Courtney Hollinquest

Music: Lambo Mach

MUA: Anna Haar

Hair: Genai & Doreen Nakama   

Muses: Bijan Machen, Jore Marshall, Genai Nakama, Kebahb Glanville, Taressa Costello


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    lichiban x joremarshall